a little time

I am busy.  In fact, I am really busy.  In three weeks I head to South America to climb 3 mountains (more about that later.)  We are all busy or at least we claim that we are.  I think in our society we tend to think if we are not busy we are slackers or somehow succumbing to laziness.  Sometimes we can make ourselves so busy that we forget the little things.  We forget about others.  We have allowed technology to dictate our lives and time pieces to tell us how much time we have.  I am so busy that today I almost lost a valuable opportunity.  My neighbors daughter stopped by to ask us to please come by to say happy birthday to her 89 year old mother.   How could I find the time for that?  I was busy and occupied.  Stuff was going on in my life.  I had to be somewhere soon.  I stopped.  I was blessed with the gift of a realization that this other stuff could wait.  I went, I sat, I talked and gave her the biggest birthday hug I could muster.  The look on her face lit the entire room.  That small moment made her day and let her know she was loved and cared for.  I also felt loved and cared for.

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sculptor, adventurer and all around bon vivant
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